About 神在 ZINZAIFor an oasis that supports people

I think I'll do my best from tomorrow The starting point of feelings Izumo Taisha Shrine.

I visited Izumo Taisha every year at the Kannazuki Festival, where eight million gods from all over Japan gathered in October of the lunar calendar. Every time I worshiped, I felt relieved and healed, and I was able to return to the starting point of my feelings, "Let's do my best again from tomorrow."

As COVID-19 spread, I hope that people and creatures around the world can live happily, and that I want to do something that supports everyone's hearts. Then, a land was found on Shinmon-dori in Izumo. When I wished, "I want to be close to and support the people who are worried," I came up with an auspicious beckoning cat. I decided on the name "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" with the wish that "everything goes well".

The relationship with the friends that the god of Izumo has tied up. Well-balanced companions of "神在 ZINZAI".

When I opened "神在 ZINZAI", I was looking for an artist. Then, I was able to quickly find a well-balanced companion with a career of "Japanese calligraphy artist with a rytai-character(龍体文字)" and "A passionate artist with a flower theme" and "ceramic artist who makes things with free ideas." I think that the god of Izumo gathered the friends of the workshop and tied up the relationship with them.

Your feelings Support and snuggle up Called "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" Meaning of existence

Each person lives in a different environment. Not only the environment, but also the rules of the surrounding society, things that interest you, things that impress you, etc. are all different for each person. I want to be close to each person's individuality, such as values, characteristics, and personality that are different from others. I want to be a person who sympathizes with you, encourages you, stays close to you when you are sad, and opens the door to tomorrow together. "Everything goes well", Maru-neco(maru ねこ) is watching over you.


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