About the artworkA unique presence!

"Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" is supporting you so that your wish will come true!

Each person lives in a different environment. Not only the environment, but also the rules of the surrounding society, things that interest you, things that impress you, etc. are all different for each person.

I want to be close to each person's individuality, such as values, characteristics, and personality that are different from others.

With such a wish, we make each "Maru-neco (maru ねこ)" by hand. A gorgeous design that you have never seen is drawn, and a "rytai-character(龍体文字)" filled with the energy of Japan's oldest god is written. I will support you so that your wish will come true! The same "Maru-neco (maru ねこ)" does not exist. It is a unique existence.

The edge that the god of Izumo tied.

"Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" is born by the hands of these friends! Co-starring with unique artists.

A Japanese calligrapher who met rytai-character(龍体文字) and gathered rich connections. A passionate artist with a flower theme who expresses invisible energy with har own art. A ceramist who makes things with free ideas that do not fit into the mold. It seems that it was a coincidence that these three people met, and in fact it may have been fate.

Well-balanced friends! The inside of the workplace is bright and laughter is constant. It's the connection that the god of Izumo tied! A unique "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" that can support people's feelings and be close to them has been born!

A unique "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" that can support people's feelings and be close to them has been born!

Just as there are as many humans with different personalities as there are stars, we want to make "Maru-neco (maru ねこ)" as rich in individuality and full of humor as humans. I wanted to put the thoughts of "you are free" and "You are free to think about anything" into your work. I wrote pictures and letters on pottery for the first time, but sometimes I feel that they are drawn according to God's instructions.


rytai-character(龍体文字) is a type of ancient character with a history of 5600 years. The 48 characters that correspond to the current hiragana have meaning in each character, and are filled with the energy of God.

The circular Futmani figure written on the back of the "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" is a seating map of the gods showing how the 48 gods are enshrined. It is the strongest amulet that means the creation of the universe, all things of the gods, and the congratulatory words of the ritual.

Painting motif

The design drawn on "Maru-neco (maru ねこ)" is based on the universe. There is no single thing that is the same because it is improvised by looking at the shapes and letters. I draw without drafting while valuing my senses.

When I draw a dragon, I use flowers as a motif to gently express the circulating energy. It is called "Hana-ryu(華龍)" because it is a gorgeous dragon.

About the shape of "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)"

We are particular about handmade with love. While listening to the voice of clay without using a mold, I make one by one to bring it to life. Therefore, it is finished in a gentle form that makes you want to touch it for a long time, such as a large shape, a round small shape, and a thin shape. The characteristic of "maru cat" is that the position to attach the hands and ears is changed according to each individuality.

Origin of beckoning cat

In Japan, cats are kept to prevent damage to the animals that eat agricultural products and silk moths, and it has come to be called an animal that calls for good fortune that is useful to humans. In the early Edo period, the number of cats was small and expensive, so paintings and figurines were used as a lucky charm for business prosperity. That is the beckoning cat now. The hand raised by the beckoning cat invites money with the right hand, invites people with the left hand, and invites money with both hands, which has the benefit of prosperous business. (* There are various theories)

  • Emi FujiiJapanese rytai-character(龍体文字) calligrapher

    In April 2019, when I was out of balance both physically and mentally, I was destined to meet the rytai-character(龍体文字). As I was writing to be drawn in, I felt that my energy circulation improved. I write the characters of God that the Japanese have cherished with all my heart.

  • KyookoArtist

    In the new moon of May 2015, I started my activities as an artist. My style is to take off the control of the brush and express it as you feel it. I draw energy ART that gently cleans the soul of the person who saw art.

  • Ken OhishiCeramic artist

    In 2000, I established my own atelier (自游窯工房). With the motto of free craftsmanship that is not bound by technique, we have been doing ceramics for 25 years, valuing our commitment to handicrafts. We are making "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)" aiming for a gentle shape that makes you want to put it on your side and touch it.

We make it with the feeling of giving life to "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)".

"Maru cats" are handmade one by one with all our heart. A gorgeous design with the motif of the universe and rytai-character(龍体文字) filled with the energy of God are written. There is no one and only one that is the same.

  1. STEP01


    I am using Shigaraki soil. From rough wedging to spiral wedging, the hardness of the soil is made uniform and the air is removed.

  2. STEP02


    For mass production, if you make it with a plaster mold, you can easily make the same shape and it is quick. However, I use a potter's wheel because I want to put my heart into it one by one.

  3. STEP03


    Sharpen the bottom and sides to shape it.

  4. STEP04


    Attach the ears and hands that you made in advance to the main body.

  5. STEP05


    If you bake with water in it, the water in the dough will expand and cause a steam explosion. Dry slowly and securely in the shade for 1-2 weeks.

  6. STEP06

    biscuit firing

    Firing at 700℃ for 8 hours.

  7. STEP07

    Underglaze decoration

    Draw letters and patterns on the main body with paint.

  8. STEP08


    Apply a uniquely developed transparent glaze.

  9. STEP09

    Glaze firing

    Firing at 1230℃ for 15 hours.

  10. STEP10

    Overglaze decoration

    Decorate with gold, platinum and red, black, white, green paint, and firing at 750℃ for 8 hours.

  11. STEP11

    Last adjustment

    It is the final finish by scraping off the excess part.

  12. STEP12


    In this way, we spare no effort and time to make one by one. It is the birth of "Maru-neco(maru ねこ)", each of which has its own individuality.

Store information

  • 神在 ZINZAI Izumo store

    726-9, Nishihara, Taishacho Shurimen, Izumo-shi, Shimane Prefecture, 699-0721, Japan

  • 神在 ZINZAI Hamamatsu store

    1312-1 Handa-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture, 431-3124, Japan